The Best Pub Slots To Play On A Night Out

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If you’re like hundreds of thousands of us who enjoy a few quid on the slot machines when you’re out having a drink then it can often be tempting to try out various games, Mostly you’ll have limited luck but sometimes you’ll find that you get one that’s just been primed and is ready to drop after “Barry Big Mouth” has just pumped some of his imaginary wealth which he so readily likes to boast about into it. However, this isn’t usually the way and you can end up wasting 20 quid in a matter of minutes and chasing your losses until you only have enough left for a quick pint and then back home to watch whatever garbage is on the TV that night. fruit machine

Having said this, a good strategy to employ is to keep a sly eye on any given slot machine throughout the night, bide your time and watch as it gets filled up and ready to drop. Now although this isn’t always possible to tell it’s clear that after Bazza has blitzed 50 quid to no avail that the odds are going to be increasingly in your favour, Just try not to consume too many pints, which can cause the loss of willpower and the reckless attitude of the perpetual slot jockey loser. There are no hard and fast rules as to which machines to play, though you can get a good idea for them if they’ve been in your local for quite some time, unless you’re sitting in Cargo pub where the bandits tend to stay for years on end without a payout, probably due to the lack of customers which is a result of the inbred locals giving it that Royston Vasey feel, as you walk in heads turn and eyes fire daggers at you, making the place as welcoming as a day trip to hell. Anyway, enough about that horrible place.

If you feel the need to play any online slots we recommend this as opposed to the pub ones as the odds are better, you get deposit bonuses and the jackpots are higher. Far better to have a go at some of the progressive jackpot slots which you just won’t find in the pubs. These include the likes of Mega Moolah, Rainbow Riches slot and Cleopatra slot, all of which have made people some life changing amounts of money in the past and continue to do so at regular intervals.

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