Most Popular UK Comedy Bars

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These are the most popular UK comedy bars to witness star comics and to enjoy for just a cheap laugh. They are:

  • Up the Creek in Greenwich. This is an institution in the South-east London which is founded by Malcolm Hardee. Up the Creek is best known for their Sunday Specials that showcase various big names in the industry and new acts.
  • Downstairs in King Head, London N8. A favorite comedy bar by stand-up comedians and considered as an institution in this industry. They are famous for their Open mic during Thursdays and big-name comics that is popular for trying unannounced new materials.
  • The Comedy Store in London SW1. This is probably the most famous comedy bar in the UK. The name is synonymous with the term alternative comedy, a movement in the 1980s. Today, the comedy bar is the most popular venue for stag parties but if you like comedy being rowdy and big, visit the bar every Fridays and Saturdays. They are very hard to beat on these days.
  • Outside the Box in Kingston. This comedy bar is well-loved for their small nights yet they feature surprisingly big names. On Mondays they feature The Fighting Cocks and every second Thursday of the month, they have The Stag.
  • The Komedia Comedy Club in Brighton. They have an excellent venue with great atmosphere and big room that can host innovative mixed bills, new materials daily and headliners. During weekends, their mainstay is the Krater Comedy Club.
  • The Stand Comedy in Edinburgh and Glasgow. This comedy bar is a familiar venue for festival goers of Edinburgh and the rest of the months, they are the best comedy club in Scotland. They have gigs each night too.
  • The Glee Club in Birmingham. Very big, very noisy and very famous comedy bar. They headline comedians every Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Frog and Bucket in Manchester. They have a big venue that can host comedy each night including touring shows, mixed bills during weekends and on Mondays, they feature new talent, the Beat the Frog group.

These are the most popular comedy bars in UK.

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