Relax With A Pint And Enjoy The New Season

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With the dawn of the new football season commencing for 1014/15 there’s never been a better way to enjoy the football than relaxing with a nice cool beer of your choice. With summer still in mid-flow it’s simply fantastic sitting out in beer garden with a few jars and enjoying the match. However, there’s nothing quite like having a bet on a game to keep things as interesting as possible and that’s where we have teamed up with Betfred to bring you some of the best betting offers for the coming season which will help you to maximise your winning chances and bag some cash to pad out your sky rocket without the risks usually associated with gambling. You can simply visit this site and use a Betfred promo code to get either a free 25 pound matched bet or a double odds introductory bet. To get the 25 pounds free matched bet simply enter the promo code BF25 when you register or if you want to grab the double odds offer just enter in DOUBLEODDS when you sign up, you’ll see the promo code box on the registration page. football n beer

They also have a range of offers on throughout the season and by registering an account you can get quick and easy access to all of them. We’ve spent a lot of time going through the online bookies available in the UK and we have to say that Betfred is simply the best value for money out there. Sometimes we are even left scratching our heads at how they manage to turn a profit as we see so many wins when compared to the other UK bookmakers.

The site linked to above also has bonus codes for their casino and games, so if you enjoy playing the fruit machines down your local then why not give them a try online as the payout percentages are generally far better and you’ll get access to numerous special offers that a pub bandit just won’t have.

So, enjoy the rest of the summer and the following season with the offers provided and milk the bonuses for all they’re worth!

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