Things To Remember In Pubs When You Buy Drinks

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Drinking is considered an enormous part of the culture in the United Kingdom. When you are eighteen years old, you can legally drink in the UK. To help you, this article details the things to remember in pubs when you buy drinks to avoid breaking the British etiquette rules.

Getting Served

  • In the UK pub houses, remember that there are no table services except in some of London’s wine bars. Also, you cannot find the drinks menu on every table, you have to go directly to the bar and find the beer taps or some pubs have boards on their walls showing wine and beer served. What makes drinking in UK pubs a plus factor is that they do not expect for tips when you order drinks. In case you go with a group, after deciding what your party wants to drink, one of your group members will order at the bar and pay.
  • Know the art of being served. Generally, people waiting for their drinks at the bar are not served in order. To be served promptly, you just stand closer to the bar or gently lean on it but not over it and smile often to the bartender. You will be served faster if you are attractive, tall and personally knows the bartender. On the other hand, you will be served slower if you keep on whistling or shouting, waving money, leaning over the bar, noticeably drunk, being small, sounding English, sounding Scottish and sounding French.


  • Often, Brits are buying drinks in rounds even if they are with people whom they do not know. This system can be open to abuse and worked for a long time because of the tacit agreement of the entire population. If you are drinking with the Brits, you must remember and follow their rules.
  • If someone buys you a drink or you like to buy for someone, this is fine. You must not feel guilty if someone buys you a drink for that night because in some instances, you will be buying a drink for someone too. This assumption will give you that over the course of your lifetime, nobody spends more than you do. It will balance out in the end. Accept drinks from people you do not know and do not feel bad if you are going to buy for other people too.
  • When you buy a drink, never get in the bar squeezing yourself to be served first. This behavior breaks their etiquette. Remember, do not shout at the bartender or squeeze yourself to reach the bar than anyone else.

These are the some of the most important things to remember when you order drinks in UK pubs.

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